We’re on a mission to bring dignity back to work in the American workforce.

To transform our economy, we first must transform ourselves and our companies.

“Americans have a dysfunctional relationship with work.” Mike Rowe, founder of mikeroweWORKS, said this as he described the our country’s problem of high unemployment and a skilled labor shortage resulting from our disrespect for people who are willing to perform skilled labor.

Our dysfunction with skilled labor is the tip of the iceberg. Below the surface are the symptoms of a workforce that’s been robbed of dignity in the name of greater productivity and short-term profits. More than 30 years ago, W. Edwards Deming foresaw our current condition, and in 1982 he published Out of the Crisis, a theory of management declaring American companies require nothing less than a transformation of management. American management failed to listen. The economy was expanding; business was booming – until it wasn’t – and we know what has happened since.

American workers are exhausting themselves, never really knowing whether the work truly supports the aim of the system – a system not fully understood and designed by managers who operate without a clear theory of management.

Dr. Deming left a legacy for change – the System of Profound Knowledge, and his 14 Points for Management. The basis of SoPk is the organization as a system with a clear aim, led by true leaders who empower their workers to learn and contribute to the organization’s success. When workers are able to make meaningful contributions and are valued for their work, they find joy in what they do.

To change the organization, we must change at the individual level.

Our aim is to bring dignity and joy back to work. The work of Dr. Deming and others who have contributed to expanding his body of work over the years provide the basis for what’s to come.



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  1. I discovered your blog today and listened to the introductory talk as a podcast. I appreciated your aim and approach. Am working on similar themes over here. Meinhard Peters, Pretoria, South Africa.

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  2. I discovered your blog only today. I also listened to the podcast of your introductory talk. Can identify with your aim and general approach. Having worked with dr WE Deming in South Africa since 1983. Good to see some of your thoughts documented. Regards, Meinhard Peters, Pretoria, Rep of South Africa.

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  3. Estimados.
    Mi nombre es Roberto Sir, soy Ingeniero Civil Eléctrico, y me interesa mucho vuestro trabajo y desearía poder conocer mas acerca del Proyecto Dignidad (en el Trabajo).
    En estos momentos estamos desarrollando un programa de capacitación digital, basados en la enseñanza proporcionadas por el Dr. Deming y su implementacion a empresas chilenas.
    Agradeceré toda la información que nos puedan proporcionar, ya sea de experiencias similares o de vuestro Proyecto.
    Saluda cordialmente.

    Roberto Sir E.


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